Chocolate designed for the doers

No added Sugar

We left out the refined sugars to keep it low carb and keto friendly

Australian Made

100% Australian owned family business you can trust

Functional Supplements

With proven, natural functional ingredients so that you will notice the difference

Tastes Delicious

Tastes incredible like high quality chocolate should.

As seen in

Peak has turned their ‘healthy’ chocolate bar into a winning range of functional products

...a product that takes advantage of three booming markets; chocolate, coffee and functional supplements

It’s a beautiful looking product, it’s a good chocolate. I have no doubt you’re going to sell a whole bunch

Whether you’re looking a for a healthy treat or you just want to curb your cravings, Peak Chocolate is among the healthiest you can buy

When the 3pm slump hits, it’s hard to avoid reaching for a sweet and sugary treat to pick you up. The solution, Peak Chocolate

Why thousands of Aussies are loving Peak Chocolate

The Chocolate the Experts Choose

Health Coach Kait

Insulin Resistance Expert Health Coach

A few squares of Rest Peak Chocolate before bed ensure I get restful quality sleep every night. Not to mention it tastes great and has less than 1g of sugar per serve. A great way for me to wind down in the evening!

Naturally Nina

Accredited Nutritionist and Sports Nutritionist (BHSc)

Absolutely LOVE the Rest Chocolate. Honestly one of the best chocolates I’ve had (and that’s saying something as I am Swiss

Alexx Stuart

Health educator, author and founder of Low Tox Life.

Focusing during admin work has always been my weak point. As has chocolate! This all changed discovering L-Tyrosine which is helpful for focus, in the delicious Peak "Focus" bar without sugar. One of my favourite finds of the year

Emma Sutherland

Naturopath CLINIC Of the year winner, Author & TV Presenter

Peak - it’s a yes from me, I love it! Guilt-free chocolate. I will definitely recommend it to patients

Margo White

Holistic Clinical Nutritionist, BHSc (NutDMed)

I am really impressed with the Peak Chocolate range. They have no artificial flavours or additives which is a huge win. The Chocolate is dark and creamy and I love the hard texture. The added supplements tailor the chocolate for specific times of day and needs

Steph Innes

Plant-Based Nutritionsit, BHSc (NutDMed)

I first fell in love with Peak Chocolate when I stumbled across their bars a few years back in my local Health Food Shop. It was vegan-friendly, low in sugar, and high in good fats and antioxidants! A little sweet treat offering some beautiful functional ingredients our bodies can seriously benefit from. Did I mention how good it tastes!?

Hi, I’m Raph the founder and CEO of Peak Chocolate

Most chocolate is made for kids, this is one for the adults

Happiness 100% Guaranteed

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