Our Story

Hi, my name is Raph and, along with my partner Elisa, I’m the co-founder of Peak Chocolate. I am health-obsessed, and I also love chocolate. Unfortunately, that wasn't a great combination, so we came up with a perfect solution - Peak Chocolate.

As I got older, I wanted to help more people with good, achievable nutrition advice, in particular my own family. Elisa and I searched the shelves for healthy options but were very disappointed by what the chocolate industry had to offer.

While healthier snack options started to appear in the groceries, the chocolate aisle remained stubbornly in the past; full of sugar and artificial ingredients with very little nutritional or functional benefit. Over 75% of us Aussies enjoy chocolate regularly, but we are being let down by the standard options that exist.

So I got to work with nutrition and chocolate specialists on creating chocolate without added sugar, with specific functional supplements, but that still tasted delicious. It took a few years, a few near misses and one failed Shark Tank experience, but we finally got there.

How We Compare

Our Mission

We create the healthiest chocolate products on the planet but without compromising on taste.

We combine the best and most researched supplements with the world’s favourite snack food.

Healthy & functional chocolates for the modern family to enjoy.

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