Become A Peak Chocolate Affiliate

Here at Peak Chocolate, we’re putting the functional back in chocolate. Our affiliates are an important piece in spreading the caffeinated word! Want to know more? Keep on reading.

How it works

Peak Chocolate affiliates earn 20% commission on all sales that are referred to our site, from a custom 15% off code and link you can use on your website or social media profiles.

Our affiliate program is managed through Impact ShoutOut, which makes it easy to access your reporting, payments, and other info. 

Who our affiliates are

Got a social media platform focusing on health,  fitness or wellness?

Are you a keto enthusiast or recipe creator?

Do you have an audience of recreational running, or cycling Aussies?

These all sound like a match made in heaven.

Our perks

Earn 20% (or more) on every sale

Free caffeinated or sleepy chocolate!  

Collaborations to grow your audience to our 20 000+ Peak customers  

How does it work?

Join the affiliate program on our partner network ShoutOut via the link below 

Set up your affiliate links on your online platform or send to friends and family

Create content & drive targeted traffic to our site

Earn 20% of every sale into your paypal account!

PS: Once you are an affiliate DM us on Insta or email me at for any extra support you need.

How to join

Think you’d be a good fit? Apply here to be approved!