So much to do, so little time. Feel like you’re constantly running around trying to get things done, always one step behind and barely meeting deadlines? To top it off, you’re so busy with your work, family and chores that you barely have any time for yourself to unwind.

Well, it's about time that you took a deep breath and gave yourself some time off! We're only human, and there's only so much we can do in a day. We need to take time out to rest, relax and de-stress from hectic routines. Here are 5 tips to relax and de-stress!


1.    Get Outside

There is something about nature that is super calming and peaceful. Incorporating a short walk into your day whether its before work or late afternoon can help you recharge with a fresh dose of oxygen and some good old vitamin D!


2.    Leisure

It’s always great to take time out to do what you enjoy, in fact, science says so! According to research, taking out some time each day for leisure activities is very beneficial for health & wellbeing. So go on, pick up a new book, join that social sport team or watch that movie you've been meaning to see.


3.    Exercise

Being physically active increases the production of endorphins that are also known as 'happy hormones' since they uplift your mood. These hormones also help to reduce stress and anxiety. You could perform any type of exercise ranging from swimming, jogging, Pilates to HIIT. The main thing is pick something that works for you. Consistency is key so pick something you'll enjoy in the long run.

Here's a fun HIIT workout you can perform anywhere from Peak Athlete Betsy Burnett.


4.    Have Some Chocolate

Chocolate is a guilty pleasure for many of us. However, research shows that chocolate is actually great for mental health. Furthermore, our Rest chocolate comes with additional sleep supplements. We created it as the perfect night time treat to relax and unwind before bed. Its also contains less than 0.2g of sugar! You can grab Peak Rest Chocolate here and Peak Rest Drinking Chocolate here.


5.    Meditation

Meditating can be one of the best ways to relax. Peak Ambassador Coach Camilla says:

''The ability to be present and for a moment, take control of your mental state is priceless. In a world that is so “busy” we have no time to sit still, it makes it even more important as to why we NEED to sit still. But how? I love to use Yoga as my form of meditation. A “moving mediation”. I aim for this at least twice per week, and also add a 10 minute guided meditation using apps like Head Space''.

You can read more from Camilla about the Magic of Mindfulness here.


All the best Peak fam!

-Team Peak