Article by Betsy Burnett

Why is Peak a part of my day?

Peak is a huge part of my leisure, training, work and recovery when it comes to the nutrition side of things. I love Peak Chocolate because I know exactly what is in it and it’s full of all natural ingredients with no hidden nasties.


Some days I choose Peak Active. On these days I might eat it 30 mins before a strength session or a run and it gives me that extra little boost to get the job done. I love Active as a pre workout because it isn’t full of chemicals that effect my body in ways currently unknown. The supplements that are included are incredibly beneficial and heavily researched!


As a coach, working both mornings and evenings can be tough. Some days, you just need a little pick-me-up. That's where Peak Focus comes in. Its the perfect snack for mid-afternoon that really allows my brain to focus on the coaching hours ahead.


The Peak Rest Drinking Chocolate has really become a favourite of mine since being released just a few months ago. Some nights I feel the need to chill just that extra bit and on those nights I use Peak Rest Drinking Chocolate for a perfect wind down treat before bed. The chocolatey goodness really hits the spot and not only unwinds the body but the mind also. Everyone has their own hot chocolate recipe but I find using a milk frother adds the perfect touch!


I have been eating Peak Chocolate for over 4 years now and have found that it is perfect for almost every occasion from hiking at sunrise to winding down at sunset! If you haven’t already incorporated Peak into your weekly routine, I would highly recommend trying the full range to find your favourite for different situations!


The macros are great and allow for it to fit into anyone's routine.


Happy healthy chocolate eating everyone... 👏🏼

Betsy Burnett