Dark Chocolate isn’t just a delicious snack. It is a secret performance tool, already used by many top athletes.

But what's in cocoa that makes it so effective for strength and endurance training?

1.   Epicatechin, the hidden secret in Cocoa

A lot of dark chocolate’s magic relies on epicatechin, one of the many naturally-occurring chemicals found in cocoa beans called flavanols. Flavanols powerfully improve health and performance. The darker, less processed, and more pure the chocolate is, the more flavanols inside.


That's why the health benefits of dark chocolate don’t translate to sugary milk chocolates.


Studies show that Epicatechin can reduce the risk of stroke, cancer, and some metabolic diseases like diabetes.


2.   More Blood Flow to the muscles.

Epicatechin, in dark chocolate, increases vasodilation -- the widening of the blood vessels. This allows for better blood flow, circulation, lower blood pressure, and better athletic performance. So you get even more out of your workout if you have eaten dark chocolate shortly before.

3. Cocoa can even support performance in the bedroom

For the guys out there, another benefit how cacao flavanols increases blood flow to other parts of the body. Cocoa can work similar to one of the worlds most famous pharmaceuticals, Viagra! Cacao acts as a natural vasodilator and can help increase your sexual performance.

In conclusion, dark chocolate (20-30g) can be a powerful pre-workout snack. Make sure the dark chocolate you chose is 80% or darker for best results,and to avoid the nasties.

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 written by Raph Freedman