Park Circuit with Betsy Burnett from Raph on Vimeo.


Approx 30 min Park circuit:

A1: Bench step ups x10-15 each side 

A2: Tricep dip x12

A3: Bulgarian split squat x10 e/s

A4: Tuck ups x20 

A5: Ski Jumps x40 

A6: Rear support shoulder taps x20

X5 rounds 



  • Bench step ups: keep chest upright, drive evenly through foot and keep heel on the bench.
  • Tricep dips: Squeeze shoulder blades together to start, keep elbows pulled in, core and legs tight.
  • Bulgarian split squat: play around with foot position to find a good spot. Keep torso upright. Drive through glute and foot to come up.
  • Tuck ups: use hands for balance not for pushing. Engage legs and keep them squeezed together. Pull knees as close to chest on the way up. 
  • Ski Jumps: use non landing leg for balance if needed, bend knee and engage glute on landing. Find a flow.
  • Rear support shoulder taps: Squeeze shoulders, engage glutes, core and keep pushing though the single shoulder as you shift bodyweight side to side. Bend knees if too hard with straight legs.