Why Peak

Why Peak?

High quality, dark chocolate is the fuel of high performers.

We all know chocolate is delicious but what many people don’t know is that it's also good for you. Not just any chocolate — we're talking high quality, nutritionally-rich, sugar-free dark chocolate. A real, whole-food dark chocolate is reclaiming its 4,000 year-old birthright as an uber healthy, energy producing, endurance sustaining powerhouse of a snack!

Dark Chocolate has been shown time and again in scientific research to offer a wide range of health benefits:

• A powerful source of Antioxidants & Flavonoids which improve blood flow and lower blood pressure
• Raises HDL and protects LDL from oxidation. High in fibre, supporting a healthy gut.
• Protein, required to maintain and grow muscle mass. Promoting strength and endurance.
• Potassium, important for muscular and neurological function.
• Magnesium, essential for a high-energy metabolism and healthy psychological function.
• Natural compounds known to reduce anxiety and lift mood. Enhancing alertness and brain function.


Why Energy?

Your best workout yet — powered by Peak Energy

Fitness has always been where our Peak Chocolate journey started — we’re big believers in the power of an active lifestyle.

We wanted to create the perfect workout snack that would optimise your body’s athletic performance, but that also tastes great and is good for you. Peak Energy natural dark chocolate is exactly that, infused with guarana, taurine, Himalayan salt and packed with protein. Turns out, it’s great for any form of exercise you choose!

Enjoy your Peak Energy chocolate before or after your gym sesh, run, walk, swim, surf or any other exercise routine and follow it up with plenty of water.


Why Focus?

Your best work yet — powered by Peak Focus

Whether you’re toiling away over spreadsheets, looking for that creative spark or studying for your next exam, life is for doing and doing your best.

You need a healthy snack that can help you to keep up with your busy lifestyle and stay switched on. With its concentration-enhancing supplementary blend of green tea extract, L-Tyrosine, vitamins B12 and B6, and Himalayan salt, Peak Focus chocolate is the perfect treat to keep you, and your mind, on track.


Why Rest?

Your best sleep yet — powered by Peak Rest

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat after dinner or before bed? Unfortunately, most of those treats are high in sugar and will wind you up, not down.

Make Peak Rest a part of your evening routine and you won’t have to worry about that, thanks to our sugar-free chocolate and special blend of relaxation-inducing supplements.

For best results, enjoy a serve of Peak Rest chocolate about an hour before bed.