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3 Reasons to Reach for your Peak Each Month

We all know Chocolate is the most craved food by women around the World. Thats why we make ours Low on sugar, full of BCAAs and without all the nasties.

But Why?

Here are three reasons Peak Chocolate can be your saviour each Month!

1. Chocolate is high in Iron

One Packet of Peak Chocolate has 7mg of Iron!

Women need up to 18mg of Iron per day, and men only 8mg. One pack of Peak is convenient and DELICIOUS way to get about 40% of your Daily Recommended amount.

Low Iron can lead to weaker endurance, increased fatigue and pale skin!

2. Chocolate is high in Magnesium, relaxing aching muscles

One Packet of Peak Chocolate has 30% of your RDA of Magnesium!

This is great news when up to 80% of the population in deficient in this essential micronutrient for your hard working muscles.

3. Chocolate reduces Stress

Scientists in Switzerland have shown having a group of 'highly stressed' people eating a serving of Dark everyday and lower stress hormones in two weeks!

In particular, lower Cortisol!


Never want to miss out on your monthly dose of Peak Chocolate, delivered everytime at that Perfect Time each month?

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