Rory and I, the founders of Peak Chocolate, will be appearing on Shark Tank Episode 10, screening Tuesday 29 August. We recorded the show late last year.

Here are three crazy secrets you won't see on the show:

1. The minute of silence!

When you first walk on on stage. The Sharks stare you down for a full minute of silence. You are simply standing on stage, no-one is making a sound, until you are told you are allowed to speak. I can say first hand that it is seriously nerve racking. I wasn't sure if I was shaking because I had eaten too much Peak or because I was shit scared in front of the Sharks!

2. You are not told what to say.

Despite the rumours, Shark Tank is real! There are so many conspiracy theories that Shark Tank is "staged" or "scripted". But as someone who just went on the show (and has no affiliation with any TV network in any way), I can safely say it certainly is not! Nobody told me what to say, and we really had free reign out there to pitch our product to the best of our ability.

3. Peak Chocolate is genuinely delicious.

Well maybe this isn't a real secret of the show, but the Sharks were not joking when they said that they loved the taste (yes they actually ate the chocolate on the show).

We now have over 2000 happy customers of the world's first, low-sugar, sports supplement enriched, pre-workout, dark chocolate.

Look out for us this week on Shark Tank, and let us know if you agree or disagree with the Sharks.

Or, try it for FREE yourself now, before everything goes crazy and we sell out.

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