Was missing out on a Shark Tank deal the best thing that ever happened to Peak Chocolate?

As budding young entrepreneurs Shark Tank has been our favourite show for years. I love everything about it. Getting on the show was a dream come true!

Would we be better off if we got a deal in the Tank? Well I guess we'll never know, but business couldn't be better at Peak HQ, even if we did suffer a few bites from the Sharks...

Since the episode we have done our best to take on all the criticism we received, and persevere with our goals. If you are a young entrepreneur, when the Sharks talk, you need to listen.

Let's look back at what went down on Episode 10 of Shark Tank, and what has happened since.

1. Packaging

We may be young and enthusiastic, even a little cocky, but we also know when to take advice. We were lucky enough to get feedback from some of the leaders in business, in particular Janine Allis, who runs one of the largest juice franchises in Australia. Her feedback on our old packaging for Peak was spot on. We went out and sought the best advice we could, and we applied it to re-design the packaging in Peak 2.0.

Great advice. Thanks Janine!

2. Scientific Proof

Have we done randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials on Peak Chocolate? No. Were we caught a bit off guard on the show? Yes, but I guess thats why they are the Sharks!

So what is in Peak Chocolate, and why do we stand by it?

Creatine, Caffeine, BCAA and Dark Chocolate are among the most well researched supplements in the world. Meta-analysis of clinical studies on a supplement is the gold standard for a supplement's validity. There are many highly respected, positive analyses on the effects of caffeine and exercise, creatine and performance, BCAA and Dark chocolate on health. Peak Chocolate has combined these four incredible ingredients into a clever, original and now, successful product. In fact along the way it has created a whole new category, Performance Dark Chocolate. 


3. Sales Growth

Peak is booming in 2017, we now have well over 100 stockists and over 3500 loyal and energised customers. Sales have grown to well over $10,000 a month and our new national distributor comes on board in October. We've launched a new product (Peak Single Serves) and we are working with our amazing production partners to develop two, brand new varieties of Peak Chocolate.

We've been blown away by Peak's reception in the market. Looks like low sugar, high energy dark chocolate was a serious gap in the market!

4. Law Degree

Much to our surprise, there was a lot of controversy over my law degree. Once again, I chose to take the Shark's advice. Janine and the gang will no doubt be pleased to know that since the taping of the episode I have completed one of my two remaining subjects and I am deep into the second...Defamation Law, and Insolvency. Hopefully we won't be needing either anytime soon!

5. Is Peak Chocolate different?

Rory and I didn't want to make just another protein bar, shake or powder. There is enough of those. We made something original, something that no-one had seen before.

The Sharks helped us to improve it and we're grateful for that!

We believe so strongly in Peak Chocolate that we are giving our baby away...for free. So you can decide for yourself!