At Peak we refuse to compromise on the quality of our Chocolate. Most ‘chocolates’ you see in the lollies section of the grocery stores are no longer chocolate, or even ‘milk chocolates’. 

To make high-quality Peak chocolate, you start with exceptional cocoa beans, which are ground up to make cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is combined with water and a pinch of sugar to help stick to the healthy oils in the cocoa butter. The liquid chocolate is heated and cooled to produce delicious ‘real’ solid chocolate.
In the last 100 years, nearly all chocolate companies lost their way.

Manufacturers started using cheaper ingredients to make more profits. Rather than using excellent cocoa beans, they got the cheapest beans they could find. Instead of using cocoa butter like Peak, they replaced it with unhealthy vegetable oils. They added more and more emulsifiers, preservatives and chemicals to create chocolate ‘corpses’ that last years on the shelf.


Why choose PeaK Chocolate? 

Why is this so important?

Cocoa butter contains Theobroma oil, a quality source of Vitamin E and a healthy saturated fat. It is smooth, dense in nutrients and naturally high in antioxidants. On the other hand, its replacement in many other chocolates, vegetable oils, are a major contributor to inflammation, a source of trans fats and can dramatically raise your risk of cardiovascular disease.
Choose real chocolate, and you can taste the difference, and your body knows the difference.